Alameda Taxpayers Sue School District Over Parcel Tax

Plaintiffs want reform and accountability, not more unfair taxes

Alameda, Calif - May 6th, 2011 - Taxpayers here have filed a lawsuit against the Alameda Unified School District to overturn Measure A, a school parcel tax measure that was barely approved by voters in March. Under Measure A, the average Alameda homeowner will pay more than $3,584 over the next 7 years, representing a 65% increase above current school parcel taxes. Taxpayers with larger homes will pay even more.

Ed Hirshberg, a plaintiff in the suit, said, "Measure A implements the same unfair tax structure as its predecessor. The reason the school district continues to choose this structure in violation of state law is to avoid taking steps towards school reform, pension reform and accountability. Measure A maintains the status quo, which we all know is unsustainable. Recently, several people, including a local teacher, have publicly noted that a significant portion of Measure A funds will go towards retaining excellent teachers without specifying what makes a teacher excellent."

Additionally, the plaintiffs announced the School Reform Defense Fund to help pay for legal costs to overturn the measure, and force the Alameda Unified School District to take genuine steps towards school reform. Donors may send checks to the fund care of David Brillant of Walnut Creek, attorney for the plaintiffs.

The new case against AUSD over Measure A is case number RG11574574 in Alameda County Superior Court. A prior lawsuit over Measure H, the predecessor parcel tax measure, is case number A129295 in the California Court of Appeal.

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